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 Here is the core principle of existence.

The complete cosmology, including the principle
and the five universal truths, is in Michael Brown’s novel
Finding the Field: an adventure of body, mind and spirit.

In the beginning, there were no stars or planets, nor any material thing. There was no space and no time, no this and no that, no opposites, nor any contrast.


There was only a deep longing, and the deep longing was the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit longed to know itself, because there was nothing else to know. And so the longing became the Question, and the Question was, What Am I?

So that it could experience the Answer in many ways, the Great Spirit created, within its stillness, many smaller spirits called souls. And each soul was another asking of the Question.

So the One became the many and yet they were still One.

And each soul created, within its stillness, a separate region called mind.

And each mind was given the gift of space and time, and opposites and contrast. Each was given light and dark, here and there, past and future, big and small, up and down, hot and cold, right and wrong, male and female. So each contrast brought desire, and each desire was another asking of the Question.

And each mind was given the gift of forgetting. So that its experience could be real, each would forget that it was another face of the One. Each would experience itself as separate and alone. Each would experience itself as made of flesh and contained by a shape with head, arms and legs. Each would believe in death and strive for life, and in the striving would begin to remember and return to the One and to the life which never ends.

And each would call itself human and each human adventure would be the Question and the Answer in One.

 What if you could find
the nature of reality in a work of fiction?

Finding the Field: an adventure of body, mind and spirit

Jenny Finlay, Canada

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