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This page and the sub pages are devoted to articles on the cosmology revealed in Finding the Field. I would love to know what you think. To tell me, please go to the COMMENTS page.

After reading these articles, you may wonder, Why write them into a novel? I’ve done that because spiritual growth is not the same thing as spiritual knowledge. Imagine, for a moment, that the physical universe is one face of a source we can call Consciousness. Consciousness is a giant feeling, expressing itself as us and through us – that impulse is our essence. So becoming aware of our essence involves strong feelings rather than dispassionate thought. That’s easier in a novel, especially if we can identify with the passions of the characters. And they are characters who evolve; even the lead character is subject to the universal truths he delivers.


Finding the Field is written for the heart as well as the mind. When they dance together, they dance with the soul.



The Principle:


The Five Universal Truths of Existence:

THE FIRST UNIVERSAL TRUTH: You are the creator of your reality

THE SECOND UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Your life is a mirror

THE THIRD UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Everything is connected

THE FOURTH UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Now is the only moment that matters

THE FIFTH UNIVERSAL TRUTH: You will live forever

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